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Saratov State Medical University

Saratov State Medical University is one of the oldest universities in Russia. It was founded in 1909.

Since the year of its foundation the University follows the classic system of training medical students.

The University has been training specialists for foreign countries for 10 years. About 300 specialists from 19 foreign countries (Syria, India, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sudan, Somali and others) have graduated from the University.

The education of international students and health professionals is carried out at the following faculties:

  • general medicine (the duration of education is 6 years),
  • pediatric (the duration of education is 6 years),
  • stomatologic(the duration of education is 5 years),
  • for advanced training of doctors.

Degrees currently granted in the University are MD, Ph.D., D.Sc. and DDS.

Teaching language is Russian (there is a special preparatory department for studying Russian Language).

The disciplines and duration of education at the Preparatory Department

  • the duration is from the 1 of October till the 1 of July,
  • the holidays - from the 1 of July up to the 1 of September,
  • the disciplines are Russian, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

The duration of an academic year

  • at every course - from the 1 of September till the 10 of July
  • the holidays:
    from the 25 of January up to 10 of February;
    from the 10 of July up to the 1 of September.

The documents for admission

  1. application form,
  2. a contract with a student,
  3. certificate of equivalent university entrance qualification (in original),
  4. certificate of health status.

Tuition fee

  • preparatory course in Russian - 1200 $
  • one year at any faculty - 1700 $
  • residency in medicine - 2000 $ per year
  • residency in surgery - 2500 $ per year
  • postgraduate courses in any specialty - 3000 $ per year
  • advanced training in any specialty - 300$ per month

Contact info

Vice-rector for international relations - Andrei A. Svistunov.

Russia, 410026, Saratov, Bolshaya Kazachia str., 112

858 km 858 km
Russia Federation


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