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The university teaching and research activities are delivered across seven faculties, within which there are a number of subject-specific academic units.

The academic year

The academic year consists of 2 terms with vacations; practice is done during the summer time (July).

  • duration of the academic year: from September 1 to July 10
  • vacations: from January 25 to February 10; from July 10 to September 1

ECTS system

One ECTS credit is equal 36 academic hours (lectures and practice); 1 week of summer practice equals 1.5 ECTS credits; one exam equals 1 ECTS credit; 1 week of graduation exams equals 1.5 ECTS credits.

Teaching languages

Teaching languages are Russian (the Russian Language is taught at the Preparatory Department) and English.

The disciplines and duration of study at the Preparatory Department

  • duration - from October 1 to July 1
  • vacations - from July 1 to September 1
  • disciplines: Russian, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

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