general information

International Department
of the Saratov state medical university

Employers, prospective employers, other educational institutions, funding bodies or recognised voluntary organisations may request information on a graduate's degree. The University can answer these questions, with the graduate's permission.

The International Department verifies the authenticity of diplomas of the graduates of SSMU, regardless of the year of graduation. To perform this procedure, an applicant have to submit to International Department an official request addressed to Rector of the University along with a copy of Diploma and its transcripts, as well as the written approval of the graduate (Letter of Authorization/ Consent to disclosure).

To get an answer to the request, the letter must specify the following information:

  • graduate surname, forename, patronymic (maiden / former name).
  • Diploma series and number.
  • Diploma registration number and date of issue.

The International Department does not make a translation of Diploma and Diploma supplement into foreign languages. Translations made by graduates must be notarized.

(Note that translations made by graduates themselves are certified only with the seal of International Department)

The official request can be both sent by regular mail or emailed to International Department.


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