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Dean office on work with foreign students
of the Saratov state medical university

Mikhaylova Elena Vladimirovna — the Dean, the doctor of medical sciences, professor.
Lugovskaya Tatiana Mikhaylovna — the secretary.

The contact information
+7 (845-2)-66-97-71
+7 (845-2)-66-97-71

Today the problem of a choice of qualitative education in Russia foreign students is represented as never actual as reflects real need of globalized society in which there is an intensive process of integration of Russia to economy, a policy, culture of the world community.

This process can develop only owing to effective escalating of the international communication which are presented in SSMU in two directions: teaching foreign students came from the countries of Near and Far Abroad; the international activity of university in the field of scientific and medical work.

In the decision of the first question the dean office on work with foreign students which history begins with 1991 when Saratov has received the status of the "open" city also is engaged. The basic functions of dean office are:

  • accepting foreign students for studding at our university;
  • granting of educational and information services to foreign citizens;
  • registration and dispatch of invitations, business correspondence, a meeting and support of groups of newcomers of students, their registration in a place of stay, prolongation of their visas.

But attraction and the studding organization for foreign students and post-graduate students in SSMU remains a priority direction of activity of dean office on work with foreign students.

For today more than 270 citizens of Near and Far Abroad study at different faculties of university on a budgetary and commercial basis. Alongside with preparation of foreign citizens on the basic educational programs, the management of university constantly searches innovative, and, hence, for effective forms of formation.

Since November 2005, in association with the Chair of Foreign Languages, a consultative work has been carried out with the lecturers of University teaching English language to foreign students.

Since November 2005, a new form of consultative work with the Chair of Foreign Languages has been carried out. The major goal of this work is to improve the language skills of instructors, giving lectures and conducting practical classes in English for foreign students.

Training of foreign students is provided in Russian and on new educational program "English Medium", based on teaching to foreign students of some subjects in English.

If you have got interested in our university and wish to receive qualitative high medical education, please, address to dean office on work with foreign students on the above-stated contacts.


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