Postgraduate programmes

Postgraduate and doctoral studies

SSMU offers a rich variety of opportunities for postgraduate studies on almost all specialties in:

  • clinical residency (ordinatura) - 2-3 years,
  • PhD courses (aspirantura) - 3-4 years,
  • the doctorate (D.Sc fellowships or doktorantura) - 3-4 years.

Postgraduate courses can be either taught or research based.

Postgraduate taught courses

Taught courses vary in emphasis - some provide essential training leading to research, while others offer career-specific preparation.

Postgraduate research degrees

  • gain expert knowledge in a specialist field
  • design, implement and report on a research project
  • foster your capacity for originality and constructive criticism
  • participate in interdisciplinary personal and professional skills training
  • network with other postgraduate research students

Many courses are available as both full-time and correspondence-study modes .


PhD study takes place within a demanding and rigorous research environment. The depth of your personal knowledge will increase and you will be expected to make an independent contribution to knowledge in your field. For a PhD you can normally expect to finish your research after around three years' full-time study.

SpecialtyResidencyPostgraduate Course
Obstetrics and Gynaecology2 years3-4 years
Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology2 years3-4 years
Gastroenterology2 yearsno
Hematology2 yearsno
Dermatovenerology2 years3-4 years
Pediatric Surgery2 years3-4 years
Infectious Diseases2 years3-4 years
Cardiology2 years3-4 years
Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics2 years3-4 years
Clinical Pharmacology2 years3-4 years
Physiotherapy Exercises and Sports Medicine2 yearsno
Neurology2 years3-4 years
Neurosurgery2 yearsno
Neonatology2 yearsno
Nephrology2 yearsno
Common Medical Practice (family medicine)2 yearsno
Oncology2 years3-4 years
Community Health and Health Care System2 years3-4 years
Orthodontics2 yearsno
Othorhinolaryngology2 years3-4 years
Ophthalmology2 years3-4 years
Pediatrics2 years3-4 years
Occupational Diseases2 yearsno
Psychiatry2 years3-4 years
Psychiatry, Narcology2 yearsno
Pulmonology2 yearsno
Rheumatology2 yearsno
Roentgenology2 years3-4 years
Cardiovascular surgery2 yearsno
Pediatric Dentistry2 yearsno
Orthopedic Dentistry 2 yearsno
Dental Medicine2 years3-4 years
Dental Surgery2 yearsno
Forensic Medical Examination2 yearsno
Therapy2 years3-4 years
Traumatology, Orthopaedics2 years3-4 years
Urology2 years3-4 years
Ultrasound Diagnostics2 yearsno
Physiotherapy2 yearsno
Phthisiology2 years3-4 years
Functional Diagnostics2 years3-4 years
Surgery2 years3-4 years
Endocrinology2 years3-4 years
Endoscopy2 yearsno
Hygieneno3-4 years
Clinical Immunology, Allergologyno3-4 years