Department of International Academic Mobility of the Saratov state medical university

Purposes and tasks

The main purpose of the Department of International Academic Mobility is to develop the international activity of the university, its separate structural units, teaching staff and students. The international cooperation between educational, scientific, research, industrial and cultural institutes and funds including special representatives in the spheres of education, science, culture and business for the improvement of the educational, scientific innovative work and cultural life of the university will provide it. Therefore, it may successfully result in the international status of the university.

The main tasks of the Department of International Academic Mobility are:

  • improvement of the university status in the area of international cooperation in education by the development of the recruiting of foreign citizens to study at the university;

  • establishment of partnership with international educational and scientific institutions;

  • assistance in signing agreements, contracts and other documents concerning the joint activity with foreign citizens;

  • realization of joint projects with foreign partners;

  • participation in the educational exhibitions, international seminars, conferences and meetings;

  • improvement of academic mobility of teaching staff and students in accordance to the agreements and international programs;

  • promotion of information concerning the foreign educational, scientific and cultural programs, projects, competitions, grants among the structural units of the university;

  • informative provision on the international development of the university and its structural units in the sphere of education and science;

  • provision (organization and consultation) of participation of the university, its structural units, teaching staff and students in the international programs and projects including international educational and scientific institutions and foreign citizens in the educational, scientific and cultural university programs and projects.