Passport-visa supply is one of the most important components in the work of the Department of International Academic Mobility at the University. It includes the following tasks:

  • realization provided by the university of some duties of the Party which is responsible for the enrollment of foreign students into the Saratov State Medical University;

  • provision of formally established document check and registration procedure for foreign students by the university;

  • migration registration of foreign citizens carried out by the university.

       Particularly the inspectors of the international department according to the active normative acts shall be obliged to:
  • fixation of all the information about foreign citizens entered the university for the studies;
  • migration registration of foreign students;
  • assistance in the document registration in the established order for foreign citizens in case of entering the Russian Federation, the departure of the Russian Federation, statement of residence, staying, moving in the territory of the Russian Federation, changing of place of residency in the Russian Federation;
  • control of execution of migration registration rules by foreign students.

The Department of International Academic Mobility of the university shall be responsible for the organization of foreign citizens arrival according to the normative acts (Federal Laws, Resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation).