Faculty of Pre-University Education

The primary goal of the Faculty of Pre-University Education is to facilitate the entry of its students into Saratov State Medical University by broadening their knowledge and improving their performance on admission tests. The Faculty of Pre-University Education includes the Medical Lyceum and various preparatory courses and training programs, catered to the needs of its students. The Faculty of Pre-University Education spreads across biology and medical training classrooms that were opened in the most highly ranked high-schools in Saratov, Penza, Serdobsk, Tambov, Engels, and other towns of Saratov Oblast.

The Faculty of Pre-University Education offers programs of different kinds and duration. There are 3 to 9-month evening preparatory courses, as well as intensive courses offered during winter, fall, and summer breaks.

The classes in the Medical Lyceum and training programs are taught by the Medical University’s experienced and highly qualified faculty. They often travel to other cities to give lectures and facilitate seminars.

The Faculty of Pre-University Education prides itself on its professional development program for the faculty and staff. The professional development program includes seminars, master classes, workshops, and demo lessons by leading professors.

The Faculty of Pre-University Education offers high-school students a career advising program Young Physician. To introduce high-school graduates to careers in medicine and the latest advances in medical research done at SSMU, meetings with the University’s faculty and administrative staff are held every month.

Formative assessments of the Faculty’s students are conducted twice a year. The assessment tests are modelled on the Medical University’s admission tests with a view to testing students’ knowledge, equipping them with skills necessary to succeed in admission tests, and preparing them to become successful SSMU applicants. More than 90% of the Faculty’s graduates successfully enter SSMU.

The Faculty of Pre-University Education offers excellent undergraduate preparation for aspiring SSMU students. Upon completion of a preparatory program, high-school graduates become medical students with an outstanding academic record and are actively engaged in research and their community. Many of the Faculty’s graduates later win prestigious grants and scholarships.