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Faculty of General Medicine

The Faculty of General medicine is the University’s fundamental and oldest faculty. From 1909 to 1930, it was the only acting faculty of Saratov University.

The General Medicine program is 6 years long and is taught at 48 departments according to the educational program conforming to the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education. There are currently 3 000 students, including 50 international students, pursuing a degree in General Medicine.

The Faculty of General Medicine employs highly qualified specialists, professors, and assistant professors. The Academic Council and the Dean’s Office manage the educational process and issues requiring collective discussion.

The Faculty of General Medicine is proud of its scientific schools that have received international recognition and are associated with the names of outstanding Russian physicians and heathcare specialists who have worked at the Faculty’s departments and hospitals. Among them were academicians S.R. Mirotvortsev, S.I. Spasokukotsky, V.I. Skvortsov, A.A. Bogomolets, A.A. Minkh, corresponding members of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR N.G. Kolosov, K.N. Tretyakov, State Prize winners Professors N.N. Ivanovsky, A.M. Antonov; the world's first female professor of forensic medicine L.B. Leitman; renowned Professors K.A. Shmelev, V.I. Razumovsky, S.I. Sherishorina, A.I. Lukova, E.S. Ivanitsky-Vasilenko, S.A. Georgieva, Honored Scientists of the Russian Federation Professors G.N. Zakharova, E. Sh. Khalfen, E.I. Babichenko, K.I. Bender, and others. Among the teaching staff at the clinical departments, more than 400 people have the highest medical qualification grade.

Theoretical courses are taught at 6 special training and laboratory blocks; clinical courses are taught at university clinical facilities located in the leading healthcare centers of Saratov.

Scientific student clubs function at the departments of the Faculty; club members actively participate in medical competitions and scientific and practical conferences within Saratov State Medical University and other Russian and foreign universities. A graduate’s involvement in the student scientific community is an eligibility requirement for a residency or post-graduate program.

Important parts of the curriculum at the Faculty, academic and clinical placements help students to acquire practical skills. There are centers and classes for skills practicing available for students; rooms are equipped with modern training dummies, phantoms, and simulators, as well as with computer equipment with innovative training software. In the senior year of their program, medical students spend a considerable amount of time providing care at a patient’s bedside. Availability of contemporary modernized clinical base in four university hospitals enables to show the opportunities of modern medicine to the students.

The centuries-old traditions of medical training, modern and first-class clinical training base, experienced professors, and innovative methods of teaching are the foundation of success in preparing young modern competitive medical staff at the Faculty of General Medicine of Saratov Medical University.

Dean of the faculty: D.V. Tupikin, PhD (Biology), Associate Professor.