Nursing Institute

Nursing Institute

SSMU started the Nursing program in 1997, and in 2004 it established the Nursing Institute. More than 1 500 people graduated from this program. Since 2012, the Nursing Institute has been admitting international students.

A degree in Nursing opens many career opportunities for young specialists with a college diploma who look for intellectual and professional growth.

The Nursing program is based on a new two-tier model of nursing education in Russia, and includes a 4-year bachelor’s and a 2-year master’s program.

The bachelor’s program admits high-school graduates and college graduates. Admitted college graduates can complete their bachelor’s program in less time.

The Nursing Institute provides quality education across 27 departments with the curriculum that includes 61 modern and highly integrated courses and uses innovating teaching strategies. International students can pursue their degree programs using different distance-learning opportunities.

Nurses offer expert help, care, and advice to different groups of patients, as well as work as expert care managers in a variety of clinical settings.

The Nursing Institute graduates get a Bachelor’s degree and have an opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree and a PhD. Upon completion of their post-graduate studies, graduates of the Nursing Institute can get a variety of leadership and management-level positions within the nursing and healthcare industries, as well as positions as nursing faculty or educators.

Director of the Nursing Institute: O.Y. Aleshkina, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.